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With online shopping not-so-tall guys get the short end of the stick

Meehika Barura

Jan 15, 2021

As buying online becomes the norm, menswear brands need to find a way to serve the millions of customers they’re currently missing. Namely: short kings

For Stephen, who lives in Biloxi, Mississippi, shopping for clothes means driving 50 to 100 miles to get anything that fits. As a 5-foot-8 retired investment advisor, online shopping had little to offer as the virus has changed the world’s shopping habits. “I still find the need for suits and ties. One of my biggest challenges is finding my size,” he says. “It’s a lot easier to find a store with an old-fashioned tailor where they custom-fit things. Unfortunately, that’s becoming harder and harder to find during a pandemic. Now that retail has taken such a financial hit it’s going to be worse in the future.”

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