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Free up Christmas Cash

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Moves Savvy investors make before year's end

Some of you may feel as if you have been left

behind as "Wall Street romps to new all time


Even if you enter this season thinking you're just not

doing so well, there are a number of steps that you

can take before the end of the year that will free up

cash for Christmas!

Lets take a look...

You'd be surprised at what Santa can pull out of his bag of goodies.

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Charitable Giving Grouping

  • Retirement Plan Review

  • Retirement Distributions (RMD)

  • Health Care Expensing and Planning

  • Bonus Deferal

  • Review Student Loans

  • Estate Plan Review

Learn the many creative ways that you can free up cash for Christmas, Let's make a plan.

As a Registered Investment Advisor I represent my clients as a fiduciary. "Your Success is my only interest" Reach out for a Free Consultation and Financial Review.

Book online or call 228.229.5020

Put yourself in the BLACK this FRIDAY!

2020 Vision = Take control of your financial life

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