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Gold Breaks Out

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Gold prices settled above $2,000 a troy ounce for a second consecutive day.

Currently, the most active June 2023 contract is trading up $39.10 or 1.94% and fixed at $2039.40. That puts gold within striking range of the all-time high of $2088 as well as the record closing price for gold futures at $2069.40.

The primary fundamental event that propelled gold well above $2000 was weaker U.S. economic data. This data suggests that the Federal Reserve could certainly consider slower rate hikes and a pause of rate hikes sooner.

Job openings fell below 10 million in February for the first time in nearly two years, in a sign that the Federal Reserve's efforts to slow the labor market may be having some impact. Available positions totaled 9.93 million, a drop of 632,000 from January's downwardly revised number, the Labor Department reported Tuesday in its monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

The Technicals set up for more upside. First objective $2,070.50 with another #2,169.40


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