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Must Have Documents

Updated: Apr 23

Often I'm approached by people that feel they don't need financial advice.

Most of the time it's because they feel like they don't have enough money.

That's when I simply say STOP!

Everyone needs to have at least the very basics covered. No matter how poor they feel. Some have even inquired about a simple do-it-yourself option to help them get started on their own. Now days you can't even see a Doctor or go to the Emergency Room of your local hospital without being asked "do you have a "Durable Power of Attorney" or "Health Care Directive".

Most of you know of my passion for sailing. You wouldn't go to sea without a life jacket or a life raft would you?

Anyone who has been here on planet earth for the past few years certainly has witnessed things that no one ever expected to see in their lifetime.

Earlier this summer I offered the "Procrastinators Guide to Estate Planning". It's FREE!

Don't misunderstand our focus is Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

I have many friends and client associates who are attorneys. This information in this blog post is in no way meant to take the place of their services and advice.

At the very least you should have the "Health Care Directive" and or a "Durable Power of Attorney".

A Will is also very important.

Choose your executors, trustees or other representatives carefully. Make sure the contact information for them is up to date. Review all accounts and insurance policies and name your beneficiaries.

Download and share the FREE GUIDE

estate planning
Download PDF • 2.33MB


September 1, 2022 S & P Market Update


U.S. equities began August continuing in rebound mode, but reversed course to end the month in negative territory after a hawkish Fed and recession fears weighed on investors. The S&P 500® posted a loss of 4%, while the S&P MidCap 400® and S&P SmallCap 600® performed similarly with declines of 3% and 4%.

International equities gave up much of their recent gains as the S&P Developed Ex- U.S. BMI fell 4%, while the S&P Emerging BMI narrowly remained positive with a 1% return.

All factor indices posted losses, with High Beta and Growth in the rear.

Most sectors posted losses; Energy and Utilities were the exceptions.

Treasury yields rose along with expectations for the future path of Fed hikes; U.S. fixed income performances were mostly negative.

Apart from Agriculture, Commodities posted losses across the board.


Need help? I'll be happy to guide you. Remember Akin Investments is a fiduciary advisor. We sell no insurance or financial products. Your success is our only interest!

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