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The Check is in the mail!

Better late than never! Especially at Christmas time. It would have been better had it been released by Thanksgiving.

After reviewing the overall bill I think it could have been crafted better to help ease the pain that the working poor have endured. Instead congress gave themselves and the lobbyist a Great Big Christmas Tree!

It is clear to me congress needs term limits! If this is supposed to be an economic relief package it has failed. It’s great if you were transporting alligator grass, water chestnuts or hyacinths, now you will no longer face up to 6 months in jail!

That is just the beginning! OK, I’ll get off my soap box…

  • Day Care expenses carry over will help for those with a tax advantaged flexible spending account.

  • $325 Billion for small business. The extension of the PPP will help those small businesses that have managed to survive to this point. The financials will benefit from this reinforced funding for the PPP. It is interesting that the financials have firmed up a bit in the market. It would be a positive if that sector would finally begin to lead as the market works higher.

  • $166 Billion in direct checks. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says direct deposits will begin next week and, checks will go out to those who received a check by mail in the weeks to follow.

  • $120 Billion to enhanced unemployment insurance.

  • $82 Billion for Schools

  • $69 Billion to Vaccines, vaccine testing and tracking.

For those of you looking for bedtime reading here’s the link to the full text. Over 5,000 pages!

What is your year end strategy?


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