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Observations in a volatile world

Gold falls to 2 1/2-year low as dollar extends rise.

Gold tumbled to a 2½ year low on Monday as the 10-year Treasury yield climbed to its highest level since 2010, and the dollar advanced to fresh 20-year highs.


Put Options Volume Jumps to Record High 34 Million Contracts That's how many put-option contracts traded Friday across U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds and indexes. It's the highest level on record, according to Cboe Global Markets data going back to 2008.

The jump in activity shows the fear rippling through markets while stocks tumbled for a second consecutive week. Many traders looked to hedge their portfolios or profit from a continued drop. Of course, to some traders, the elevated put-option activity may be a contrarian signal.


The Federal Reserve Continues to Press Toward Quantitive Tightening

Some key warning signs are already flashing "recession," such as the inverting yield curve. For example, the 10-year yield minus the 2-year yield has been negative since July, and at the most negative level since the early 1980s.

10 Year Treasury Constant Maturity Minus 2 Year Treasury Constant Maturity, Percent, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted


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