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Akin Investments, Solutions for a Complex World

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Investment Consulting

In addition, our advisors are supported by our Investment Team who are consistently committed to pursuing solid investment strategies:

  • Portfolio Performance Analysis

  • Risk Evaluation

  • Investment Time Horizon

  • Asset Allocation

  • Assessment of Impact of Costs

  • Assessment of Impact of Taxes

  • Withdrawal Strategies

  • Stock Concentration Divesting Strategies

  • Dollar Cost Averaging

  • Independent Professional Advice (IPA)

  • Structured Settlement Adv

  • Review of Outside Investments

  • Complete Picture Approach

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Asset Protection &

Risk Management 

Our clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing relevant assets will be accounted for and available strategies will be considered. We listen intently, assess your needs, and then help you create a path that leads you toward your desired outcomes. We strive to identify risks that could impact your situation such as

  • Market Risks

  • Liability Risks

  • Structured Settlement Evaluations and Transfers

  • Moral Obligations to Family

  • Legal Risks from Business Ventures.

We will evaluate strategies to help reduce potential exposure to the loss suffered from unforeseen events.

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Estate Planning

Our financial planning team focuses on developing comprehensive strategies to help achieve your financial goals.  We strive to provide customized planning solutions that inspire confidence and help secure your financial future.

  • Wealth Enhancement

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Wealth Protection

  • Charitable Giving

  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Annuity and Structured Settlement evaluations and advice

  • Estate Planning

  • Gifting

  • Education Planning

  • Caring for Elderly


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Charleston, South Carolina 29401

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Akin Investment
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  • Asset and Cash Management Solutions

  • Wealth Management

  • 401(k) Rollovers

  • Alternative Investments

  • Endowments and Foundations

  • Estate Planning Strategies

  • Executive Financial Services

  • Financial Planning

  • Philanthropic Mamagement

  • Retirement Planning

  • Structured Settlement Transactions

We do not sell any financial or insurance products.
We do not take custody of funds or securities. 

We simply offer expert advice.

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Akin Investments, Solutions for a Complex World

Stephen Akin Founder/investment advisor representative with over 35 years in Wall Street
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