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expert Stephen Akin featured interview with Erik Sherman

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US News and World Report features Stephen Akin
US News and World Report features Stephen Akin

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NY POST John Aiden Byrne
NY POST John Aiden Byrne


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expert Stephen Akin featured interview with Erik Sherman

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We are the future of Investment Advice.

Akin Investments - Jackson, Mississippi  


Independent "Fee Only" Financial Planning & Portfolio Management. A new smart choice for consumers without the pressure to buy investment products with large sales loads or hidden costs.


Whether you choose one time advice or ongoing services. We offer an affordable approach that provides you a simple, easy to follow step by step plan with investment strategies that will save you time, money and taxes.

Financial media knows where to go for expert advice! 

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Akin Investments with Stephen Akin

Fanele Moyo • Jul 08, 2021

What inspired you to an investment career?

I was a sea captain prior to becoming an investment advisor. I held a US Merchant Marine Masters Certificate. In my early thirties (early 1980s) I realized that going to sea was not the greatest for children and family life ashore. I began trading the markets, had a friend with a firm in Galveston and spent lots of time trading when I wasn’t offshore. I decided to get my FINRA Registration and worked with two major Wall Street Firms.


What’s your motivation in helping others with their investment goals?

I really enjoy helping people learn about the many ways that they can approach their lifestyle and create wealth for the future. Financial literacy is an area where I think our schools could greatly improve.


Where did you get the idea for Akin Investments?

I turned 65 and within a few months I decided to proceed with establishing my own firm. It is something I had thought about during my career but never moved forward on it until 2015.


In January of 2016 my registration was granted in South Carolina. We moved to Mississippi in June of 2019 and registered with the Secretary of States office who regulates the securities business in the state of Mississippi. Today we are based here in Jackson and continue to serve clients in South Carolina as well.


You said investment opportunities abound from stocks and bonds, crypto, precious metals and alternative. Tell us more.

The virus dealt the world a blow for sure! Now it seems that almost everyone I talk with is optimistic about moving forward even though it may not be quite the same as it used to be. By that I mean more flexible office hours seem to be the way of the future however there may be some consequences to not being in a professional environment. Stocks that facilitate this change in working styles have done well and should continue to do so.


Another asset in portfolios should be some type of inflation hedge such as precious metals and or commodities. There is a lot of velocity of money as reopening continues. For many of you, you may remember after the financial crisis 2008 the Federal reserve was there with plenty liquidity but they could not jump start demand. It appears the stimulus money and the reopening may have finally done the trick. Fed chairman Powell says that it may be a “transitory bout of inflation”. Time will tell.


What is your business model and what differentiates it from others?

When I created my firm I wanted to eliminate any inherent conflicts of interest that are found in many investment firms. We don’t take custody of securities or funds of clients therefore there is no pressure on clients to make hi cost investments that are often not the best thing for the client and may also be illiquid.


As a true fiduciary we help clients create the individual portfolio of investments that best suits their needs. Each account is managed separately. Often we are involved in giving second options for clients who are considering a financial move that may incur higher costs or illiquid items like partnerships, private investments or the sale of an insurance product or structured settlement


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