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No more "Customers Man"

Registered Investment Advisor’s are independent and objective. We serve clients in a fiduciary capacity that is not presently possible within a traditional commission brokerage format. HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN SAYING THAT

Back in the day, with PaineWebber the financial consultant (Registered Representative) was often referred to as the "Customers Man" because we were the face of the firm that the customer knew.

Today, another large investment house, Fidelity announced they are joining many others that have all but eliminated transaction fees and commissions on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and pooled or aggregated money.

The big firms are plowing full steam ahead on the Fintech or

Robo Broker approach. This basically has disrupted much

of the role that traditional wire house advisors played.

When I started my firm this is exactly the reason I structured it

the way that I did.

1.) I don't take custody of any funds or securities.

2.) I do not receive any form of payment from any where else.

No brokerage fee, No custodian fee, nothing.

3.) Depending on the needs the services are custom fit

for each client. Sometimes one time advice or plans. Others

require ongoing full service wealth management.

By following these basic standards I've completely removed any potential conflict of interest. I provide independent guidance through the nuanced world of finance.

Here's a link to a story that CNBC aired this afternoon that covered this very important issue.

I invite you to Log On to the web site and book a Free Consultation and free financial review and learn how I can help you.

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