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Disruptive Price: Free

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It was just the other day I wrote about Fidelity cutting fees. This

morning JP Morgan another Wall Street Powerhouse followed.

The trend in the fast moving evolution of the Artificial Intelligence automated financial services platform is continuing.

As my friends and clients know this is why I started my Firm. To offer a way through the nuanced world of investing, a/k/a the personal touch.

You may have the fastest split second trading system in the world, but if you don't know what to trade and when to trade

you'll soon pay for your education. Even if you pay no fees.

As a Registered Investment Advisor I will help you achieve your goals.

By following these basic standards I've completely removed any potential conflict of interest.

Let's get started today it's free. Signup online and take advantage of all the free tools, calculators and links. Use our calculators to figure how much you'll need to retire, buy a home or send a child or grandchild to college.

Let's make a plan. Free no obligation financial review call, or book online. Visit the office in "Uptown Greenwood".

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